Your personal healthcare assistant

Aermed is a mobile healthcare assistant designed for chronic patients such as diabetics & cardiac patients. It provides you a single dashboard to manage all your condition requirements and track your progress over time.

Services currently available in New Delhi only.

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  • Imagine a pathology lab dedicated to you and accessible at your home on your smartphone.

  • Your complete medical information (medication, test reports and in-house monitoring) at your fingertips. Track progress on automatic charts and share with your caretakers.

The easiest way to manage chronic ailments, hands down. Patients not only get better outcomes because of closer tracking, they also save time, money and hassle.

Dr. Atul Arora (MBBS, MD) Delhi

This is the future of diabetes management.

Dr. Sanjib Patra (MBBS, MD, DM) Delhi

Proactive prevention is at the heart of diabetes management. Aermed reminders and checkups ensure that complications are prevented even before their first signs appear.

Dr. Manish Gupta (MBBS, DNB) Delhi

My son told me about Aermed and it has helped me manage my diabetes better and also save a lot of money on the way. At first I wasn’t sure if I could use the app by myself, but to my surprise, the App was as easy to use as Whatsapp

Mr. Ashok Gupta 45 years old, Delhi

Once I started tracking my sugar levels on Aermed app, I became so much more vigilant about my condition. I have started setting & meeting daily, weekly and monthly glucose level goals.

Mr. I.S. Mukerjee 45 years old, diabetic, Delhi

"My father has been suffering from diabetes for the past 8 years. To get his monthly medicine fulfilled he has been going to the local chemist. who only gives him a 10% discount. Aermed gives 20+% discounts on medicines and lab tests and is great for diabetics like him.

Mr. Rohan Chadha 28 years old, Delhi

In the past I have faced trouble being able to get all my medicines at one chemist. To my delight, after placing an order on Aermed, not only did I get all my medicines delivered promptly to me in 3 hours but also got a 20% discount. Aermed is a must have for every family!

Ms. Aggarwal 38 years old, Delhi